We provide various engineering components/equipments, fabrication requirements, machining requirements for wind turbine parts, duly ready to use components for the manufacturing of turbines of various capacities.


Sri Annai Engineering – List of Machineries

Floor type Horizontal Boring, Drilling & Milling Machine: Make WOTON – Germany

Spindle Size 130mm
Cross Travel on ‘X’ axis 11500mm
Vertical travel on ‘Y’ axis 2600mm
Spindle Stroke on ‘Z’ axis 1000mm
Rotary table size 2000x1800mm

Digital Read-out on 3 axes.

Table Type Horizontal Boring , Drilling & Milling Machine : Make PAMA -Italy.

Spindle Size 100 mm
Cross Travel on ‘X’ axis 1575mm
Vertical travel on ‘Y’ axis 1825mm
Spindle Stroke on ‘Z’ axis 500mm
Rotary table size 1000x1000mm

Digital Read-out on 3 axes.

Table Type Horizontal Boring , Drilling & Milling Machine :

Spindle Size 85mm
Cross Travel on ‘X’ axis 1000mm
Vertical travel on ‘Y’ axis 1000mm
Spindle Stroke on ‘Z’ axis 1350mm
Facing head size 450mm
Rotary table size 800x1000mm Digital Read-out on 3 Axes

Type BF85 Make Collet & Engle hart – Germany

Radial Drilling Machine

Drilling arm 3350mm
Max . Drilling Diameter 80mm
Clamping area 1200x2500mm

Digital Read-out on 3 axes.

Radial Drilling Machine : Make BWF – Germany , Type BR 80 x 3150 With :MT5

Drilling arm 1000mm
Max . Drilling Diameter 50mm
Clamping area 800x1500mm

Heavy Duty Cylindrical / crank shaft Grinding Machine : Make BJM

Admit between Centres 3000mm
Max Admissible Diamenter 600mm

Floor type Horizontal Boring, Drilling & Milling Machine : Make ‘WMW’ Union Type BFP 160/1.

Spindle Size 160mm
Cross Travel on ‘X’ axis 6710mm
Vertical travel on ‘Y’ axis 2000mm
Spindle Stroke on ‘Z’ axis 1250mm
Column movement on ‘W’ axis 500mm
Facing head size 950mm
Rotary table size 2000x1800mm

Heavy Duty Centre Lathe ABC 4800mm, Swing Over Bes 1200mm, Swing Over Saddle 1000mm Digital Read out for 2 Axis.

10 tons capacity EOT Crane with electric Hoist of 10 meters span.

5 tons Mobile Crane-1 No.

Diesel Driven Power Generator-62KVA 1 No.

MIG Welding Machine :3 Nos

All type of Fabrication equipment such as Welding transformers,gas cutting equipment, Angle Grinders, Magnetic base Drilling Machine, Welding Generators,etc..


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